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I loved your speech. It was really eye-opening and helpful. I have heard many speeches related to depression, but this one was different. I felt connected. I am being very honest.
–Saba, gr. 9 student, Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, Toronto

Your delivery has such an emotional appeal… [and] when it comes to humour, you’ve got it!
–Lili De Jong, St. Catharines Toastmasters

Thanks again for your excellent speech and most useful [Seven Steps to Serenity]. I am using them myself and spreading them to others.
–Pam Mountain, head of Toronto Public Library (Annette St. Branch)

Anyone who can raise laughter and tears in the same speech has the gift.
–Joanne, Naturally Speaking Toastmasters, Peterborough

It wasn’t a speech by someone who didn’t understand what it’s actually like to be depressed… and how to fix it.
–Norwood District High School student

I heard many positive comments from teachers….Many students, directly after your speech, were very keen to work on and improve their speeches….I personally enjoyed your speech very much. Thank you again and again.
–Mary Saunders, teacher, St. Paul’s Elementary School, Norwood

Your speeches are so inspirational, and you leave your audience in good spirits and joy.
–Debbie Annunziata, Fort Erie, Ontario

Your story-telling reminds me of Stuart McLean of CBC Radio’s ‘The Vinyl Cafe.’
–Phil Lococo, Niagara Falls, Ontario

When I read your books, I feel like I’m in church listening to a comfortable sermon.
–Reta Fleming, Fisherville, Ontario

Murray, I want to congratulate you. I’ve been battling a medical problem and I haven’t been able to put your book down.
–Les Groves, Peterborough, Ontario

Dr. Peale appreciated your letter as I read it to him….And we both admired the Pick-Me-Up Place Mats you sent. I shall use them with pleasure.
–Ruth Stafford Peale, Pawling, New York

I want to thank you for the six place mats. the scenery is beautiful, and also the quotes of so many people….There are so many who would benefit.
 –Laverne Tritton, Fenwick, Ontario

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