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MurrayWatsoncolorMurray C. Watson, award-winning inspirational speaker, was born third into a farm family of seven near Havelock, Ontario. He is a retired teacher, one-time farmer, and long-time collector of notes and quotes. He spent early weeks of life in SickKids Hospital with digestive problems, which resurfaced in adulthood. Shyness, sleep apnea, and adult brain-memory damage (from drugs prescribed when in the psychiatric wing of a Toronto hospital in 1993 for depression) failed to cure him of his childhood dream – and greatest fear – to speak in public in front of groups of adults.

“My purpose,” Murray says, “in my speeches and books is to share smiles, wisdom and encouragement – to lift your life.

“Life seems to have a bounce-back. What I do for others (or don’t do), I do for myself. What I do for myself alone, I do for nobody. That little word ‘for’ can equally be replaced by ‘to.’ What I do to others – good or bad – I do to myself. Getting my eyes off myself and onto the needs of others was, for me, the key that opened the door out of the dark dungeon of depression. And keeps the door open.

“Here’s an acronym that helps me focus on what I try to say in my books and speeches. I hope it will also help you. It isn’t as simple as ABC, but it is as simple as CBA:
Clear the deck of guilt.
Begin now to enact your resolutions and decisions.
Act toward others as if you were the others.

“If you think I can help you, please contact me.”

Who would have imagined in 2010 Murray would:

  • give speeches in elementary schools on Ways to Reduce Fear in Public Speaking?
  • give speeches to high school students on Depression and Suicide?
  • give a speech to The Toronto Public Library – Down with Depression?
  • write and publish Smiles, Wisdom and Encouragement and If Only Sleep Would Last Forever: Help for Depression and Anxiety?
  • be interviewed by renowned professor of biochemistry Alicja Zobel?
  • be runner-up in Toastmasters International speech contest in Area 43 held in Peterborough?

Murray’s Favourite Quotation
(It’s by Anonymous, his favourite author):
Whatever be thy longing or thy need; – that do thou give;
So shall thy soul be fed, and thou indeed shalt truly live.

Some of Murray’s Speeches
Year Location Role Title
2010 Toronto Public Library (Annette St.) Guest Speaker, Mental Health Week Down with Depression
St. Paul’s Elementary School, Norwood Prep for Public Speaking Contest Reduce Fear in Public Speaking
Norwood High School Guest Speaker The Writing Process; Down with Depression
2011 Toronto Public Library (Jane/Sheppard) Speaking to Teens on Handling Fear Putting the Brakes on Speech Anxiety
Havelock Baptist Church Guest Speaker How to Slow Down the Aging Process
Buckhorn Community Care Diners Club Guest Speaker If Only Sleep Would Last Forever
Peterborough Kiwanis Club Guest Speaker A New You for a New Year
2012 Warkworth Community Service Club – Annual Meeting Guest Speaker Adam Had a Garden
Havelock Chamber of Commerce – Annual Meeting Guest Speaker Pills, Skills, or the Will? (Down with Depression)
Adult Lunch Club: Norwood Pentecostal Church Guest Speaker If Only Sleep Would Last Forever
2013 (Ontario) Community Health Centre, West Toronto Guest Speaker Down with Depression
Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, Toronto Guest Speaker Pills, Skills, or the Will? (Down with Depression)
Toast of the Town Toastmasters, Open House Guest Speaker Finding Serenity Avenue
2014 Toastmasters International Area 75 Speech / Evaluation Contest, Toronto Test Speaker The Wheelbarrow
Keynote Speakers Club, General Hospital / UHN, Toronto Target Speaker The Wheelbarrow


“‘The Wheelbarrow’ is an incredibly inspiring speech!!!

– MICHAEL WILSON, Toastmasters International Speech and Evaluation Contest (March 2014), Toronto

Murray’s short story ‘The Wheelbarrow’ has earned him both writing and speaking awards. All you need is 10 minutes on your agenda. (In his other 16 speeches, he uses humour and story-telling to share smiles, wisdom and encouragement.)

Book him for Your Event!

Books by Murray C. Watson





This book started out as an e-mail reply. My daughter had asked: “Dad, how can I simplify my life?” She’d been feeling stress at work. In your life, do you have too much stuff and too little satisfaction? Feel divided and need unity? Dependable direction? Serenity at the centre? Light in the darkness? This book may help.

What’s it about? How to avoid or handle the complications ‘in the noisy confusion of life’ by obeying the gentle unerring Voice inside. It quotes ‘mystics’ in Anglican, Quaker (The Religious Society of Friends), and Roman Catholic traditions.







“Your short story is beautifully written…. Such simple words, yet a powerful story and delivery. There were tears in my eyes.

– audience member at Keynote Speakers Club, General Hospital, Toronto

“It is the kind of story that makes you want to be a better person.

– MELANIE DUNFORD-ELLIOTT (ME Originals), Trent River

“An incredibly inspiring speech!!! You have a way of mesmerizing the audience with your voice…. Brilliant word usage.

– GOVERNOR MICHAEL WILSON, Toastmasters International
Speech and Evaluation Contest (Area 75, March 2014), Toronto


Contact Murray if you would like him to present this touching, uplifting story to your group free-of-charge.





“This is not your regular collection of Christmas stories. We often choose a ‘heartwarming’ Christmas book because of its perceived ability to make us feel upbeat and ‘Christmas-y.’ However, these classics delve into the mystery hidden beneath the celebration — the struggle between disinterest and love, between self-absorption and sacrifice.

Christmas Stories to Warm the Heart will also feed your soul, and help you experience and share the mystery and magic of Christmas.”

– DEBRA DUPREY, author of February Farm
and One of Many Perfect Christmas Stories


Murray says, “This little book contains some of my favourite Christmas stories. I say ‘some’ because including them all would have made a big book. Some of us have heard of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas.’ For me, this book contains The Twelve Stories of Christmas.”






The author says: “My plan was to write a little devotional book of meditations paralleling Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness. Although there are now more, each begins with a verse from the Bible and ends with a short prayer. What lies between has something to do with renovating — improving — our day-to-day lives. They include memories of my children, a few lessons life has taught me, and some confessions of my own (there wouldn’t be room for anyone else’s!).”








“When I read your book, I feel like I’m sitting in church listening to a comforting sermon.”

– RETA FLEMING (Fisherville),
former teaching colleague and wife of a United Church minister


Murray says, “Do you, or does someone you know, ever feel a need for comfort as you enter or leave hospital? Do you ever feel lost or alone? Discouraged? This book is intended to convey comfort, guidance, and courage from the Bible as we face life’s difficulties.

Words from the Bible When You Hurt: A Trilogy, was once three smaller books. I wrote them in 1997 on different occasions. I wrote Words from the Bible As You Enter or Leave Hospital when I was unable to find the card I wanted when my wife was entering hospital. The other two followed.

This year (2013), I decided to publish them together. Now readers have all three at their finger-tips. For often the same individual who is feeling fear on entering or leaving hospital, may also be feeling lost or alone, or discouraged.”





“I read it in one sitting — loved the quotes. I would like to pass it along to my Aunt Floss. She is 96 and a member of a really active church in Brantford. I am going to suggest they have you come and speak.”

– JUDY SUKE (Triangle Seminars),
Motivational Humorist, Manuscript Developer and Author, College Professor


Murray says, “It turns out that this is my second book of quotations. You may well ask ‘Why?’ After I published my first book — Smiles, Wisdom, and Encouragement: Quotations with Personal Commentary to Lift Your Life — I soon had come across many more pieces I wished I had included. The number kept growing until I knew I would have to do something about it. This calendar-book is that something. Like George MacDonald’s Diary of an Old Soul, it contains 365 pieces — one for each day of the year. Unlike MacDonald’s (which is his own poetry), the good stuff in mine is written by others.”






“Murray, I want to compliment you…. I’ve been battling a medical problem, and have to go into hospital tomorrow, and I haven’t been able to put your book down.”

– LES GROVES (Mr. Hardware), Speaker, Peterborough


Murray says, “This book is about my own experience, about an ancient remedy with no side-effects, a way up for the weighed down, opening your hand to others to open the door out for yourself.”

Smiles Wisdon Encouragement by Murray Watson



“I’d like a copy of this book…. Anything to help the Universe.”

– ALVIN PETTLE, M.D. FRCS (C) Author of Rx / My Prescription for Life


Murray says, “This is a collection of inspiration, smiles and spiritual wisdom from ancient to modern times, complemented by unique personal commentary from a present-day ‘philosopher’ who is also an inspirational speaker.”


CDs by Murray C. Watson

Click here to listen to some sample Speech Audio Clips
Speech Sample 1
Speech Sample 2
Speech Sample 3

Finding Serenity Avenue  by Murray Watson

Every Pleasant Road by Murray Watson

  1. Tracy strycker
    June 3rd, 2011 at 13:20 | #1

    It was very nice meeting you today! Tracy ‘ barber’

  2. Bernadette Piche-Proulx
    May 2nd, 2014 at 18:55 | #2

    Hello Mr. Watson.
    My name is Bernadette Piche-Proulx and I am Felicite Piche-Blaney’s mom. I want to thank you for your consideration of her sketch for “The Wheelbarrow”. She was quite excited to hear that her sketch will be your book cover. I want to let you know that your story is quite touching and uplifting. Fe didn’t tell you, however her precious grandmother (my mom) had a debilitating stroke March 29th of this year and is left without her right side. She also has lost her speech. My mother, Eva Piche, was the storyteller of the family and was in the process of telling Fe about her life and all the trials and tribulations that occurred during the Great Depression. Fe was writing this down to illustrate later on once she had enough material. Needless to say, Fe will need to rely on what she has and what I can remember. We will be visiting Mom in Cornwall in the next two weeks and Fe is very excited to show “Mere” what she has accomplished and to let her know she will still be journaling her story. We are all very proud of her and I can’t thank you enough…..
    Bernadette Piche-Proulx
    B.A. B.Ed

  3. July 4th, 2016 at 22:48 | #3

    Hi Murray,
    You are wonderful!
    I wish i had your ‘stamina’…. is it contagious? can i get it????
    I am anxious to read ALL your books and to ‘discuss’ with you all the details….!!!!….Then we write another book”MAKE FRIENDS EASY!”
    I send you something about me in an e-mail
    See you soon!

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